Tips for Managing Seasonal Allergies


Spring is here, with flowers, grass, and for a lot of us, allergies. If you suspect your allergies are getting worse over time, returning after a long break, or starting for the first time, you may be right. One of the ironies of living a long time is that our immune systems have more chances to develop adverse reactions to seasonal allergies.

Here are some tips to help you survive the season:

  1. Use an air conditioner, fan, or humidifier to keep your home cool. Minimize time spent with your windows open.
  2. Check pollen levels. The National Pollen site publishes allergy forecasts just like the weather station. Check areas that you are travelling and try to pick places where the forecast is low.  Avoid outdoor activity in the morning when pollen counts are highest.
  3. Make sure your doctor knows.  Prescription allergy medicine may be more effective for you, and your doctor can make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any other medications you may take.  If pollen counts are forecasted, start taking allergy medications before your symptoms start.
  4. Avoid mowing and gardening as much as possible and delegate this job to someone else. If you must, take your medication and prescribed and wear a pollen mask to minimize your exposure.
  5. Wearing sunglasses is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent allergens from getting in the eyes. Once someone who has allergies begins rubbing their eyes, they unwittingly spread pollen around.
  6. Shower and change after spending time outside to get rid of any allergens that might be in your hair, on your skin, and attached to your clothing.

With some effort, you can decrease your allergy symptoms and enjoy the warmer temps.

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