Take a Time Out


Would you consider 24 million a big number? Approximately 24 million people are impacted by what we call The Sandwich Generation. This is a generation of people who are simultaneously caring for their children and their aging parents. From on outsider’s perspective, it might look like a juggling act.

There are not many people out there who would be considered natural jugglers. Juggling is a practiced skill and doesn’t happen without dropping the ball. So, what can The Sandwich Generation do to sharpen their skills and make juggling an enjoyable lifestyle? Take a Time Out.

We send children to time out to recollect their thoughts, think about what they’ve done or settle them down. Although we are not talking about a time out in a punishment sense of the definition, it should accomplish the same thing. A time out should be something that brings a smile to our face, refresh our soul, help to recollect our thoughts and bring out our inner child happiness.

To become a juggler as a profession; a routine; a lifestyle, it’s important to practice, create structure and put your whole heart into it. Any good juggler will tell you that at times it can get frustrating, intense and trying. Sound familiar? So, take a time out to refresh and energize.

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