Hallmark Homecare Opportunity Poised to be New Senior Care Industry Disruptor


Direct-hire model provides competitive advantage over senior care agencies

Incline Village, NV. – Hallmark Homecare, a nationwide network of care coordinators matching elderly clients with professional, thoroughly vetted and credentialed caregivers, provides a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to traditional agency staffing methods.

Hallmark Homecare searches for and recruits professional caregivers and then places them with clients on a direct-hire basis. This hiring method supports their client-directed model of care, allowing clients to interview and select caregivers directly, giving them more control over their home care needs. This method eliminates overhead costs of traditional agencies and the savings are passed along to clients.

“Hallmark Homecare delivers a brilliant and fresh new perspective to the in-home senior care industry,” said franchisee Steve Parrott. “Hallmark Homecare addresses head-on the increasing threats to senior care agencies – namely, the rising prices of agency services and low caregiver wages.”

Through their unique staffing methods, Hallmark Homecare gives seniors and their families an attractive and affordable solution for their care needs. This groundbreaking alternative to the traditional agency solution provides a strong advantage over the competition, whose agencies are becoming increasingly less affordable for families in need.

Overhead costs associated with using a traditional homecare agency are eliminated with Hallmark Homecare, while providing a more cost-effective solution for families and better pay for the caregivers, as well. When a family hires a caregiver through Hallmark Homecare, they select from the payment options that Hallmark Homecare offers, which is typically a one-time placement fee, and then enjoy the savings of paying the caregiver directly. Because the agency overhead costs have been eliminated, clients typically save 35 percent or more. And the caregivers earn a higher rate of pay than a traditional agency would pay them, so both sides win.

Hallmark Homecare is affiliated with The Senior’s Choice, the largest and most recognizable membership network of senior care providers in the world. This association allows Hallmark Homecare franchisees to leverage the experience provided by The Senior’s Choice, which was founded in 1999. Hallmark Homecare franchisees also enjoy low initial investment, the ability to work from home, continual corporate support, and the opportunity to grow their own strategic referral network.

For franchise information, visit www.hhcopportunity.com or call (888) 519-2500 and dial extension 6 to speak with Kelly.


Founded in 2012, Hallmark Homecare is a network of care coordinators catering to the home care client who prefers to directly hire their caregivers rather than engage an agency. Hallmark Homecare was created by Steve Everhart, founder of The Senior’s Choice, the largest and most recognizable membership network of senior care agencies in the world. Utilizing resources provided by The Senior’s Choice, Hallmark Homecare is an in-home care option that brings affordability to elderly clients and their families by providing credentialed, thoroughly vetted direct-hire caregivers previously unavailable at a lower price point. For more information, visit www.hallmarkhomecare.com. For franchise information, visit www.hhcopportunity.com or call (888) 519-2500, and dial extension 6 to speak with Kelly.

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