Get Lost


Time and time again, studies have shown us that exercising the brain helps cognitive retention and is necessary for keeping us sharp as we age.

“Use it or lose it,” Jimmy Conners tells us.

 So. . .Get Lost!

Getting lost is just one of the ways we can fuel our brain. Find yourself in unchartered territory. . .walk a different route. . .explore a new trail. Forcing yourself to navigate your way will create brain stimulation. Visit a neighborhood you have never piloted through before, or steer your way through a venue for the first time. Building confidence and giving your brain a workout proves again that our brains are amazingly resilient and adaptive.

So, continue to get out of your comfort zone. Pulling yourself out of cruise control invites the brain to learn new things, enjoy new experiences and continue to grow.

In short, Get Lost and Enjoy it!

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