Founder’s Frustration with Rising Cost of In-Home Care Inspires Founding of Hallmark Homecare Concept


Homecare Franchise Concept Cuts Costs and Provides High Quality Care to Growing Elder Population

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada (April 9, 2018)Hallmark Homecare, a nationwide referral service with a network of care coordinators matching elderly clients with the right caregivers, is increasing affordable in-home care options for the elderly as the aging population grows. Founder Steve Everhart realized the need several years ago after founding and serving as President of The Senior’s Choice, the nation’s largest and most recognizable membership network of senior care providers.

The elderly population in America is projected to more than double to over 98 million people by 2060. This growing population, which is currently made up of the large Baby Boomer generation, is also choosing to age at home rather than in nursing homes or care facilities. But, family members are becoming less likely to care for aging loved ones due to smaller families and more geographic scattering. Compounding the challenge families face in caring for their elderly loved ones is the rapidly increasing hourly rates charged by senior care agencies. The increased cost is due government regulation and new labor laws requiring third party care providers to pay caregivers overtime. These laws, in most states, do not apply to Hallmark’s direct hire model of care, which creates a far more affordable option for clients and their families. Hallmark is still able to provide high-quality care without losing the benefits of thoroughly vetted, experienced and insured caregivers.

Everhart, a successful entrepreneur who has built several other businesses, was inspired by his grandmother’s struggle to stay alive outside of her home. He founded The Senior’s Choice as a solution to this problem for other seniors in similar situations. When it became apparent that Everhart’s grandmother could no longer function on her own, the family decided to move her into a high-end, highly recommended care facility despite her objections. She wanted to stay in the home that she had lived in for decades and referred to as her “little bit of heaven.” Unfortunately, Everhart’s grandmother passed away not long after her move.

Moved by his love for his grandmother, the loss of his parents and desire for more seniors to have more affordable care options to age at home, Everhart established Hallmark Homecare in 2012.

“I was so close with my grandmother and parents; as the primary family caregiver along with my wife, it was difficult to see them move out of the homes they loved so much,” said Everhart. “I saw how their spirits shifted almost immediately. I became determined to develop a better way that benefits both the client and their family. It was very important for me to create a model that cuts costs without compromising on service.”

Hallmark Homecare is a referral agency that connects families with care coordinators and recruiters who search for the best suited in-home caregivers for families and their aging loved ones. Hallmark Homecare facilitates the hiring by the families. Families are able to hire the caregivers directly and have more voice in the care decisions. This cuts out the agency middleman and costs, saving families 30 percent or more compared to an agency-based homecare model.


Founded in 2012, Hallmark Homecare is a referral agency providing a network of care coordinators catering to the home care client segment that prefers to directly hire their caregivers rather than engage an agency. Hallmark Homecare was created by Steve Everhart, founder of The Senior’s Choice, the largest and most recognizable membership network of senior care providers in the world. Utilizing resources provided by The Senior’s Choice, Hallmark Homecare is an in-home care option that brings affordability to elderly clients and their families and ensures a legal caregiver by providing insurance and taxation compliance previously unavailable at a lower price point. For more information, visit For franchise information, visit or call (888) 519-2500.

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