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Most of us wait until a crisis occurs before we start thinking about who will help keep a loved one remaining at home for as long as possible. But making on-the-spot, high-stakes decisions while your emotions are working overtime almost always results in poor, uninformed choices. Being prepared in the event of a health crisis can make everything run more smoothly for all members of the family.

If you’re looking for some form of  in-home care for an elderly loved one, your research has to go beyond doing a Google search and making a couple of calls. You’ll want to dig deep into the credentials, backgrounds, and consumer reviews. The experience and knowledge that the company holds should play a key role in your decision.

Some of the benefits that in-home care can provide seniors include the ability to stay as independent as possible, while providing the safety and security they need. They can maintain all the comforts of home while reaping the benefits of a part-time or full-time caregiver to assist them with day-to-day needs.

Do small things to prepare the home which will ultimately assist in allowing your loved one to remain home for as long as possible. Shannon Dauphin from tells us to consider these suggestions that can make an enormous difference:

  • Install anti-scald devices in showers and faucets
  • Choose smoke detectors with strobe lights and vibrate features
  • Select carbon monoxide detectors with a high sensitivity rating
  • Install “grab bars” in the shower and bath
  • Consider motion sensors and other security features that alert to a lack of motion

Lastly, to ensure that older family members’ wishes are acted on, suggests they prepare and sign a living will and durable power of attorney, make a list of physicians and identify the hospital of choice, as well as run through “if” scenarios to help with decision making.

So, don’t get caught in crisis. Do the homework and help make an already stressful situation a lot less stressful by completing these three tasks:

  1. Research in-home options
  2. Prepare the home
  3. Make sure a living will and durable power of attorney paperwork are complete
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