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For The Love of Dogs

Animals are increasingly recognized for the therapeutic value they provide to older adults. As aging takes a toll on lifestyle, a “man’s best friend” could be the answer to living a longer, happier and loving life. The evidence from research done on using animals for multiple forms of therapy is so apparent that some facilities are…

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Balance, Strength and Good Judgment

Falls in the home can be contributed to many things. Four tips that we hear time and time again are: Have your vision checked Keep a regular exercise program Make your home safer Have your doctor check your medication According to the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, preventable falls can steal away your ability to be…

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Strength Training For Boomers and Seniors

Did you know that you don’t have to lose your strength or muscle tone just because you’re getting older? As long as you continue working your muscles, they’ll continue working for you, by keeping you fit and independent. And if you use your muscles regularly, they’ll stay strong and firm, regardless of age. That’s why…

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Foods to Fight Disease

Here’s a culinary credo that applies to both seniors and their Baby Boomer children: you need a healthy diet for a healthy life. When it comes to food, we can’t ignore the facts — or the science. Research shows a healthy diet could help prevent a number of health problems, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease,…

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