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Top 10 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults

Happy New Year! It’s not uncommon to hear of health resolutions like exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking or eat healthier. We’ll explore why health goals like these are important to become and stay healthy. So, if one or more of these items is on your personal goal list, hopefully this will encourage you! Here…


Beating the Winter Blues

We’re almost to the finish line. Spring is showing up in small hints across the country. It’s important to remember that fresh air is medicine for the soul. It’s easy to lose site of that with heavy winters and chilling temperatures. With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to make a plan and see…

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Strength Training For Boomers and Seniors

Let’s get physical. Did you know that you don’t have to lose your strength or muscle tone just because you’re getting older? As long as you continue working your muscles, they’ll continue working for you, by keeping you fit and independent. And if you use your muscles regularly, they’ll stay strong and firm, regardless of…

Mother and daughter

Resolutions for Caregivers

By Jen Sexton Over the holiday season, I found myself on a plane next to a wonderful, kind woman. She engaged me in conversation and we talked about our jobs and home life. She recently quit her job to take care of her ailing mother while also being a mother to her two sons (a…


Do Your Homework

Most of us wait until a crisis occurs before we start thinking about who will help keep a loved one remaining at home for as long as possible. But making on-the-spot, high-stakes decisions while your emotions are working overtime almost always results in poor, uninformed choices. Being prepared in the event of a health crisis…

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