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A slice of sound advice to go with your pumpkin pie

As the upcoming holiday season nears, many travel plans are being made to visit family and friends.  Often times, if you are a child who is caring for an aging loved one from a distance, this is the only time of year you will be able to physically observe any changes in those loved ones….


Considerations When Hiring A Caregiver

This article describes the many aspects to consider when looking at finding a caregiver(s) for a loved one. Hallmark Homecare assists families with all of these items to help make the process as easy and as seamless as possible.

Caregiver Growth Stats

WSJ Underscores Hallmark Homecare Advantage

A recent story in The Wall Street Journal sheds further light on one of the many advantages of the Hallmark Homecare model of care: higher caregiver compensation. Caregivers placed by Hallmark Homecare earn on average 30% higher wages than their peers working at traditional agencies, which means increased caregiver satisfaction and lower turnover. The significantly…


Beating the Winter Blues

We’re almost to the finish line. Spring is showing up in small hints across the country. It’s important to remember that fresh air is medicine for the soul. It’s easy to lose site of that with heavy winters and chilling temperatures. With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to make a plan and see…


Winter Weather

As the harsh 2014 winter weather dies down, here are a few tips to keep safe through the end of this season. 1. Avoid Slipping on Ice Icy, snowy roads and sidewalks make it easy to slip and fall. While younger people often recover relatively quickly from such injuries, older adults face a harder time….

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