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For The Love of Dogs

Animals are increasingly recognized for the therapeutic value they provide to older adults. As aging takes a toll on lifestyle, a “man’s best friend” could be the answer to living a longer, happier and loving life. The evidence from research done on using animals for multiple forms of therapy is so apparent that some facilities are…

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10 Things My Grandmother Taught Me

by Jen Sexton Our ancestors are filled with so much knowledge and life experience. My grandmother passed away in 2003.  We were close. I spent many weeks each summer with her, listening to her, watching her, learning from her.  I miss my grandmother everyday but I am so grateful for the things she taught me…


Take a Time Out

Would you consider 24 million a big number? Approximately 24 million people are impacted by what we call The Sandwich Generation. This is a generation of people who are simultaneously caring for their children and their aging parents. From on outsider’s perspective, it might look like a juggling act. There are not many people out…

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Balance, Strength and Good Judgment

Falls in the home can be contributed to many things. Four tips that we hear time and time again are: Have your vision checked Keep a regular exercise program Make your home safer Have your doctor check your medication According to the PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, preventable falls can steal away your ability to be…


Get Lost

Time and time again, studies have shown us that exercising the brain helps cognitive retention and is necessary for keeping us sharp as we age. “Use it or lose it,” Jimmy Conners tells us.  So. . .Get Lost! Getting lost is just one of the ways we can fuel our brain. Find yourself in unchartered…

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