Affordable, Quality, In-Home Senior Care in Orlando and Central Florida

We are a referral service for the best caregivers in the area. Our innovative model cuts out the "middle man" and saves you 35% or more without sacrificing the caliber of safe, in-home care that your aging loved one deserves.

Our Homecare Process

Our simple 4-step process delivers the ideal caregiver for you or your loved one's specific situation and care needs,
and then allows you to enjoy greater control and consistency of care while also saving thousands of dollars!

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Begin the process by getting in touch with us through our website, phone or e-mail. Our staff is ready to help with all of your senior care needs!

Care Consultation

We conduct an in-depth consultation to learn more about you or your loved one's care needs. The result is an extensive Ideal Caregiver Profile.

Match & Interview

Using your Ideal Caregiver Profile, we conduct a search and set up interviews with the best matches. You meet handpicked caregivers until you find the right one(s).

Select & Hire

We facilitate a "direct hire" relationship between you and your caregiver(s) by giving you all of the tools, forms, procedures, knowledge, and coaching.

About Us

Denise Sullivan spent nearly 20 years in various marketing & sales management positions within the hospitality and healthcare industry, prior to becoming a Franchise Owner with Hallmark Homecare, Inc. While she found success in her corporate roles and career, the quiet voice within was always whispering to help others on a more personal level.


Denise’s own family experiences in caring for her loved ones is what ultimately influenced her decision to start her own business in home care. In high school, Denise was a caregiver for her grandmother, who lived with her and her mom. Over the next 5 years, as her grandmother aged, there was a realization that she needed more skilled care. It also became abundantly clear, neither Denise or her mom were going to be able to adequately take care of her grandmother. The family made the painful decision to admit her grandmother into a skilled nursing facility, which is where her grandmother later passed away. Although it was her grandmother’s wish to remain at home, there weren’t affordable options available at the time. Later in her life, Denise’s best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29 and fought the disease for 2 years prior to losing her battle. Assisting other friends and family members shoulder the huge responsibility of family caregiving during those years left a lasting and life changing impression. Those life experiences coupled with a desire to utilize her natural ability to connect with others on a personal level, ignited the idea of getting involved in the home care industry.


Understanding the aging and healthcare dynamics across the US, but especially in Florida, Denise’s mission was to find a way to keep seniors, veterans, and anyone for that matter, independent in their homes for as long as they could remain there safely. Hallmark Homecare was the natural choice. By serving as a private recruiter for families and clients searching for caregivers, Denise is able to save her clients up to 35% or more compared to other alternatives. Hallmark Homecare also offers more control over your homecare needs, greater continuity of care and a guarantee of satisfaction. Denise’s purpose is to provide families with a more affordable option to keep their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. Denise also intends to continue building a vast network of resources for her clients with other like minded businesses to support the growing need in the Central Florida area. Hallmark Homecare serves multiple counties in Central Florida, and can assist with placements nationally.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"My experience in working with Denise and Hallmark Homecare has been exceptional. Frankly, incredibly exceptional. I'm from the northeast and needed services for my mom and dad in Florida and Denise has always made herself available; providing information and details about all the services Hallmark provides in a caring, professional and confident manner. No question, I'd recommend Hallmark Homecare." ​

I seriously can't thank Denise and her team enough in finding someone awesome to help my dad. It's comforting to know there are people that care and will go out of their way to make a family feel comfortable with the process of getting help!

"My call with Hallmark Homecare has been the best call I've made in the past few months while researching information on how best to care for my mother. Denise (Owner) was super friendly, informative, and responsive in guiding me to the correct options for our current scenario. I'm so happy to have found and established a connection with Denise and her team at Hallmark; finally I feel like I'm not on my own to find and provide the best care options for my mothers needs."

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Experience the Hallmark Homecare Difference!

Hallmark Homecare is unique in the marketplace. Unlike senior care agencies, we do not employ caregivers. We are a referral service for the best independent caregivers in the market. Our unique model brings you:

  • Higher Quality Caregivers: Most agencies pay caregivers about half of what you pay the agency. By hiring direct, you can pay more than the going rate in the market, attract the best caregivers, and still save a tremendous amount of money.
  • More Consistency and Control: One of the biggest complaints from those who hire agencies to provide their care is the lack of control. Caregivers often turnover or are reassigned by the agency. When you hire direct, you are in complete control of the care plan and the schedule.
  • More Safety, Certainty, and Security: Background checks, drug tests, liability insurance, reference checks, credential checks, and more are part of safe hiring practices for in-home caregivers. Many agencies do all of these things, but some cut corners and you have no way of knowing for sure. When you hire direct through Hallmark Homecare, we ensure that all of these things are done for each candidate we bring you, and because you are ultimately the employer, all documentation is provided to you.
  • Tremendous Savings – Usually 30% to 40%! Unlike agencies and registries, we only charge a one-time placement fee, in most cases. The result is a tremendous amount of savings over time.

Let us show you more about what makes our approach unique and special. Click the button below to request that one of our Care Coordinators contact you.

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